the mobile bike repair service that comes to you!

Mobile bicycle repair that comes to your home or work. Eliminate the hassle and wasted time of going to and from the bike shop and have a highly trained CyTech mechanic come to you at a time and location that suits you.

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Our Bronze service is a great option for a typical 6 month service when your bike is running well day to day but may need a few things checked and adjusted to ensure your bike is still running smoothly.



Our Silver service is a great option for a 12 month service where you need a bit more attention than the Bronze. We do everything in the Bronze Service but also check and grease bearings and make sure your wheels are running straight and true.


Our top end service that strips your bike down to frame only, cleans and greases everything, before re-assembling making sure your bike is running perfectly. Cables are changed and bars re-taped (extra cost for parts).

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Any parts required (brake pads, bearings etc) will entail an extra charge unless agreed beforehand. Seized or corroded fixings requiring extra labour time will be chargeable.


Payment can be by cash, bank transfer or debit card. Please state payment preference at time of booking.

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