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‘Luas’ in Irish means FAST

Our Luas road bike is designed for uncompromising performance and aerodynamics, for those inspired by speed, look no further! The Luas is designed with performance in mind, built to get you to the finish line, not just faster but better in every way. If you’re on the hunt for PB’s, first places or Olympic Gold the Luas is the bike for you!

“I have a passion for speed and bikes are my weakness” – Tanya Daga

The Luas is an ultra light, aerodynamic, carbon road bike designed for disc brakes and Di2 compatible. This is the ultimate in cycling technology, built with the best Toray Carbon from Japan, there simply is no better.



‘Cosán’ in Irish means PATH

“Life is full of adventure. There’s no such thing as a clear pathway” – Guy Laliberte

If this quote speaks to you, if adventure fills your soul and wanderlust is your life the Cosán is the bike for you. Designed to be ridden almost anywhere, on the road or off it, the Cosán is ready for any adventure your soul desires. When you’re not sure where the journey will take you, but need a bike that will get you there, the Cosán is always the first choice.

Designed with adventure in mind, featuring disc brakes, comfortable ride all day geometry and clearance for wider tyres, whether you’re looking for all day comfortable cycling or rugged trail blazing let the joy of exploration take you.

Frequently asked questions

There is no pricing, how do I know how much the bike is?
All Evolution Cycles bikes are custom builds, therefore the pricing is unique to each customer, generally a complete bike will start around €2500.
I want to order a bike, how do I go about getting one?
You will need to set up an appointment first, we will discuss the type of bike you need, your riding style etc and then we will complete a full bike fit. Once all this is done your bike will be ordered in and built in our workshop in Murroe.
I live too far away to come in for the bike fitting, can I still order a bike?
Yes, we can send you a list of measurements that we will need and a questionnaire on your cycling style so we can ascertain what you will need. We do however prefer if at all possible that you can come into us for this as then there is no margin for error.
I love the idea of a custom built bike, is there any chance that I could do the build myself?
Yes, that is not a problem, you can book an appointment to come to us and assemble your bike under the watchful eye of Chris to make sure that everything is done correctly. There will however be an extra charge for this of €250.
If the bikes are all custom built how long will it take for me to receive mine?
There is generally a 6 to 8 week lead time from placing the order to receiving your complete bike.


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+353 (0) 83 452 9370

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