Circular Economy and how Evolution Cycles is getting involved

Circular Economy has hit the forefront in the last few years, becoming a huge part of policy making and something everyone is striving for. Circular Economy is based on three principles: design out waste and pollution; keep products and materials in use; regenerate natural systems.

We are becoming more and more a disposable culture. Rather than repair or recycle things, we just dispose of them. Large tips and dumping sites are becoming more and more common which has a massive impact on our ecosystems. As cyclists that use the outdoors it is in our interest to keep our ecosystems healthy, reduce the waste being dumped and reduce the pollution generated. 

The majority of bike shops are only interested in selling bikes, their workshops are generally under staffed, their staff under qualified and the building of new bikes for the shop floor tends to always take priority over repairs and servicing of customers bikes. Evolution Cycles however would much rather prioritise the repair and service of customers’ bikes, prolonging their life and therefore the enjoyment of the owner. Having completed the CyTech qualifications to the highest level, and continuously learning, Evolution Cycles strives to provide the most comprehensive repair and service packages to keep your bike on the road. We at Evolution Cycles will never push the sale of a new bike unless your existing bike is completely beyond repair. If we can reduce the amount of waste, the amount of pollution that is being generated then we will strive to do so , if we can keep your bike running as good as it ever was, if we can continue to help you enjoy the outdoors, enjoy cycling then we will all benefit for generations to come. 

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