Looking Back on 2020

Some will remember it as the year that the world shut down and barriers were put up.

I’ll remember it as the year when Evolution Cycles broke down barriers and opened up to the entire South West. We had the busiest year to date, keeping everyone’s bikes on the road through an amazing summer when everyone was in lockdown and everyone all wanted to take up cycling at once. But we kept on top and got to everyone that called, emailed, text and managed to get them on the road.

It is a true joy to see so many people enjoying the freedom of cycling, be it on a hand me down relic of a bike or on a top end race machine worth more than most cars! There is no snobbery here, we will fix anything and spend just as much care on any bike you trust to us to fix, no matter its value, perceived or otherwise.

We don’t just want to fix bikes, we certainly don’t want to just sell bikes. We want to make an impact. We want to make sure everyone has access to a fully roadworthy bike and gets to enjoy the freedom that can be attained from getting on the saddle and just pedalling.

Our core value here at Evolution Cycles is freedom, Braveheart inspired, shout it as loud as you can from the top of the highest peak “FREEDOM!” Freedom is being able to jump on a bike and cycle, cycle anywhere, it doesn’t matter; Cycle to work, to school, cycle to get fit, to train for a race, cycle 2km or 200km. There is nothing like that feeling of the sun on your face, wind in your hair not a care in the world. Your mind goes quiet and there’s nothing to think about other than breathe and turn them pedals.

I don’t believe anyone should be without that sense of freedom. That is why the business is built upon it. I believe in freedom, freedom to be and do what I want, when I want. Not to be restricted, to decide how to spend my time rather than have it dictated. Freedom means travel, it means no restriction on time or place. Freedom gives the opportunity to see and do more, to explore where we live and even why. Mini adventures are good for the soul. We don’t make you load up your bike in the back of a car and struggle to get it to us, we don’t keep hold of your bike for days, weeks getting it fixed and then making you come and collect it again. We come to you, at a location and time that best suits you. We fix your freedom machine then and there and leave you with it fully working… you can even watch as it gets it’s overhaul.

This is why I do what I do, this is why I take joy in what I do, and why I love to see everyone else taking to the simple pleasures of just turning pedals, turning wheels.

Thank you all for an eventful 2020, here’s looking forward to an eventful 2021! Remember… be free!

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