Elite Jet 550ml Water Bottle

A new biodegradable model made in food-grade squeezable polyethylene. This year, Elite welcomes a new special bottle model in its cycling range, the JET, made in biodegradable plastic material. Available in three sizes so it adapts to any of your hydration needs on your bicycle (550, 750 and 950 ml), the JET combines the best in quality and performance of the most appreciated Elite bottles such as lightness, copious liquid flow and tasteless nozzle, all the while integrating the use of biodegradable plastic material to lessen the environmental impact of the bottle.

The BIO alternative for your hydration:

– Creating more sustainable alternatives for products such as sports bottles, which are already an eco-friendly approach compared to the classic one-time use bottle, has become an ever-more pressing requirement due to the raised awareness on the use of plastics and its consequences on the environment.

The JET bottle meets these requirements as it reduces the time it takes for the bottle to break down once it enters the regular industrial composting cycles, thus becoming one of the most innovative alternatives to traditional non-biodegradable plastic bottles.The plastic material used to create the JET is treated with a special bio additive that makes the microorganisms responsible for the biodegradation of materials attack the polymeric chain of the plastic. This process significantly reduces the time it takes for the bottle to break down (3 months to 5 years).This is something that regular plastic products cannot do (they usually take 100 to 1000 years to decompose).

A new sophisticated design:

– The bottle has a new sporty, sophisticated and practical design that made it possible for us to achieve greater resistance for the bottle body while retaining unaltered its lightness and softness. Distinguished by an elegant and sinuous profile, the JET comes with a contoured bottle body with smaller diameter for easier and improved handling, insertion and removal of the water bottle under any circumstance.The standard 74 mm diameter of the JET ensures it can be used with all the commercially available bottlecages.

A quick and abundant flow:

– The JET bottle includes the Elite custom cap with the innovative push-pull nozzle, which doesn´t just make it easier to open and close it when you´re riding your bike, it is also designed to supply a quicker and more abundant liquid flow at any time.The opening, quick to unscrew, makes it easier to wash and dry out the bottle.


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Capacity: 550

Material:Biodegradable plastic

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red, white, black, luminousgreen


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