This is a great gift for anyone!! my worplace organised a one-day bike maintenance training event for staff with last week and it was brilliant!! everyone came back with rave reviews and learned so much!! A great team building excercise while learning practical life long learning skills. I would definitely recommend!

Evolution Cycles offer a range of bike maintenance and repair training courses to help you to get the most out of your bike. Participants learn the secrets of our bike whisperer Chris who has 20 years of experience building and fixing bikes. Covering everything from basic maintenance through to wheel building and drive train replacement there is a course for everyone.

Having 20+ years of experience in the bike industry, Chris is also a highly trained CyTech mechanic, one of the highest qualifications in Bicycle Maintenance worldwide. Chris has worked with pro cycle teams around the world and continues to be one of the most sought after mechanics in the trade.


11 Patrick Street, Limerick City, V94 D704

9am – 6pm on Saturdays

Includes lunch and tea/coffee.


Small 8 people groups



Fix nearly anything on your bike, replace a innertube (with ease), tighten your brakes and set up your gears. Service your wheel hubs, tru your wheels, service your headset and bottom bracket. We’ve taught this course to avid roadies, die hard mountain bikers and commuters dependant on their bikes who all love it.

Whether your aim is to master gear indexing or look like a pro when you’re changing a tube, this course has given insight to seasoned and beginners alike.


  • Tyres and tubes: how to replace both
  • Hubs: how to strip, clean, re grease and re assemble hubs
  • Cassettes and multi speed freewheel: How to remove and replace.
  • Bottom brackets: how to service, remove and replace bottom brackets
  • Headsets: how to service, remove and replace headsets
  • Brakes: different types of brake system, how to adjust, tighten and service all types of brakes.
  • Gears: how to index, correct use of high screw, low screw and tension screw.
  • Basic wheel truing, how to straighten a wheel.


Evolution Cycles was established in 2011 in Limercik, Ireland, to answer the need for a high quality, efficient bicycle repair service and training.

Founder and Owner Chris is a fully CyTech qualified bicycle mechanic at the highest level. Chris is one of the most highly qualified mechanics in Ireland, working for both pro teams and the average commuter Chris gives no one preferential treatment.

Chris’s passion for cycling started at an early age, his parents being keen cyclists and having cycle toured all over the world, its no surprise Chris took up the cycling bug.

Being headhunted to race for a few teams Chris became a sponsored cyclist and raced around the world before a serious accident After that Chris turned to the mechanics working for several shops and pro teams before setting up Evolution Cycles.

“Our core value here at Evolution Cycles is freedom, Braveheart inspired, shout it as loud as you can from the top of the highest peak “FREEDOM!” Freedom is being able to jump on a bike and cycle, cycle anywhere, it doesn’t matter; Cycle to work, to school, cycle to get fit, to train for a race, cycle 2km or 200km. There is nothing like that feeling of the sun on your face, wind in your hair not a care in the world. Your mind goes quiet and there’s nothing to think about other than breathe and turn them pedals.

I don’t believe anyone should be without that sense of freedom. That is why the business is built upon it. I believe in freedom, freedom to be and do what I want, when I want. Not to be restricted, to decide how to spend my time rather than have it dictated.

Freedom means travel, it means no restriction on time or place. Freedom gives the opportunity to see and do more, to explore where we live and even why.”

-Chris Butcher

It’s time to start

Our bike maintenance course is taught in Limerick City (Ireland). We will have ample tools and workstands, all you’ll need is your bike and a smile.

We recommend working on your own bike, there are many different styles of components so tuition is tailored to you and your bike, it also means you’ll leave with a smoother ride. That said, workshop bikes can be requested prior to the session, just drop us an email.

We will take our Tune Up course to any location if you have a group of 4 +, it’s great as an employee benefit, youth group activity, cycling club social or a pre tour preparation.


Attending a bike maintenance course even if you usually have your bike serviced by a shop is very worthwhile. Knowing how to adjust brakes and gears, etc will give you the confidence to fix it yourself to keep yourself going if something goes wrong on the ride.