Keo 2 Max

Whether you’re riding for the joy of it or pushing for the top spot on the podium, you get the best of both worlds with a slim profile and incredible support from the large contact area that translates into superior comfort and maximum power transfer.


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Top Features:

Body Material: Composite

Spindle Material: Oversized CrMo

Intended Use: Recreational to competition

Pedal Stack Height: 17.3mm (inc. cleats)

Contact Surface Area: 500 square millimetres

Tension: 8Nm to 12Nm adjustable spring

Cleats: Supplied with grey Look Keo Grip Cleats

Float: Black Cleat: 0 degrees; Grey Cleat: 4.5 degrees; Red Cleat: 9 degrees (grey 4.5 degrees cleats supplied)

Weight: Pedal: 130g; Pair with Cleats: 328g

Product Data

Time Trial: Yes

Road: Yes


Optimised Surface Contact: The Look Keo 2 Max pedal’s surface area has substantial symbolic importance. It is part of the brand’s identity and acts as an indelible signature on the product. The contact surface of these revised Keo 2 Max pedals preserves the strong lines on which its history was built. Its width has been increased to 60 mm to provide a larger platform and improved foot stability during pedalling. This creates a feeling of unrivalled comfort not found in any other pedal. Look also sought to optimise power transfer thanks to its larger 500 mm² of usable surface (+25% increase). The shape of the stainless-steel plate has been revised to match that of the cleat and to keep, regardless of the position of your foot (depending upon the angular float you use), the same amount of contact for consistent performance. Increasing the pedal’s usable contact surface, without any additional weight gain, improves the power to weight ratio, making the product even better and allowing you to perform at your best.

Improved Spindle Profile: The spindle profile of the Keo 2 Max pedals has also been optimised. Built around an oversized CrMo+ steel axle, it is composed of an axle with an inner ball bearing and a needle roller bearing, located under the contact surface, to handle the load and distribute it optimally. A new component has been added between these two bearings. A serrated washer, previously used to hold the needle roller bearing in place, has been replaced with a conical spacer. This technical solution reduces friction, increases fluidity, and by consequence, decreases the geometrical tolerances of the pedal body and play. The sole purpose of the sum of these improvements has been to guarantee you irreproachable reliability.

Providing a larger surface area to push against optimising efficiency and increasing support, the revised Look Keo 2 Max Road Pedals have a slimmer profile shedding weight and creating sleek looks.


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