Keo Black

The Look Keo Grip cleats are suited for every Look Keo pedal. There are three versions, the gray versions with a 4,5 degrees play. This comes standard with every look pedal. They also have a red version which has 9 degrees play. Suited for riders with sensitive knees. The black variant that does not provide any play and is only recommended for competition riders that don’t need any play.

Several levels of float to create the optimum cycling comfort for you.

The Look Keo cleats are available in three varieties, each with its own freedom of movement. The red variant of the Keo cleats has the highest amount of float, at 9 degrees. These cleats are extremely suitable for cyclists who are just starting out, or for cyclists with sensitive knees. The black shoe plates have no float, and are therefore recommended for very experienced cyclists who want a perfect adjustment in order to prevent injuries. The grey cleats are exactly in between, with 4.5 degrees of freedom.

Compatible with Look pedals

These Look cleats are suitable for shoes with a 3-hole attachment on the sole. These cleats are also only compatible with Look pedals.

Please note that the old Look Delta pedals have a different size than the new Look Keo pedals. These cleats are therefore not suitable for Look Delta pedals.


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Gray: 4.5 degrees play (standard)

Red: 9 degrees play

Black: 0 degrees play


68 grams incl. Bolts

Delivery includes:

6 washers and 6 screws (M5 x11 mm)

Delivery includes:

Set of 2 Look Keo cleats

6x square rings

6x 9 mm mounting bolts


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