A state of the art workshop, retail space and training centre is currently being created on the main street in Limerick.


Our new shop is located at 11 Patrick Street, Limerick City. We are currently getting set up but feel free to drop by, we will still take in any bikes for repair or service.
We guarantee that any bike dropped into us before 12 will be finished and ready for collection by the end of the day, so long as it doesn’t need parts that we don’t have in stock (Platinum Service not included).

If you need something that is not listed here please get in touch!


We have four levels of service: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, we also have a full range of repair services from puncture repair to wheel building to suspension servicing.


Our Bronze service is a great option for a typical 6-month service when your bike is running well day to day but may need a few things checked and adjusted to ensure your bike is still running smoothly.



Our Silver service is a great option for a 12 month service where you need a bit more attention than the Bronze. We do everything in the Bronze Service but also check and grease bearings and make sure your wheels are running straight and true.



Our advanced service that checks over the entire bike, removing the main components for inspection and regreasing, servicing all bearings and ensuring your wheels are running straight and true.





Our top end service that strips the bike down to bare frame, cleaned, lubed and tuned to perfection. Drive train ultrasonically cleaned before re-lubing, greasing and re assembly. All cables (inner and outer) are changed, bars are re-taped and any hydraulic fluid is flushed and replaced.


Chain fitted


Freewheel fitted


Puncture (including tube)


Tyre fitting


Bottom bracket service


Handlebar tape fitting


Gear service


Hydraulic brake bleed


Crank replacement


Wheel truing


Rear shock basic service


Rear shock overhaul service


Suspension fork basic service


Suspension fork overhaul service


E-Bike Repairs

Puncture (including tube) no motor in wheel


Puncture (including tube) Motor in Wheel


Scooter Solid Tyre Change (including tyre)


Scooter Solid Tyre Change (including tyre)



Diagnosis of electronics




Battery Change (labour)


Controller Change (labour)


Any parts required such as brake pads, bearings etc will entail an extra charge unless agreed beforehand. Any seized or corroded fixings or parts requiring extra labour time will be chargeable.