Terms and conditions


All payments for the courses are made up front and are non-refundable after the course.

You have the right to refund up to 7 days before the course date.


  1. Reasonable time for same day repair depends on the work involved, eg we cannot do a full service 5 minutes before we close! If you’re unsure please ring first.
  2. Free Bronze Service will only be carried out once signed up for 6 months, and Silver Service at 12 months.
  3. Policy can be cancelled at any time but all benefits will be lost and any accumulation of time towards the free service will be lost.
  4. A reasonable usage policy is in place for free puncture repairs and gear / brake checks (8 per month)
  5. Only the one bike can be used on the plan, free puncture repairs and checks will only apply to the one bike.
  6. A 10% discount only applies to parts and accessories, not new bikes.
  7. A 20% discount on services can also be used on other bikes belonging to you, and on any course that you will attend. It cannot be used for any other person other than the policy owner.
  8. The VIP Care Plan only applies to bikes brought into the shop at 11 Patrick Street, not for mobile repair.